Back in January this year, we wrote a piece about Everton’s chronic lack of on field identity . It was a pop at Koeman, Allardyce, Walsh and the board for their poor appointments and hopeless underachievement. Under both failed managers, the areas we highlighted were

1. No pace

2. No clear pattern of play

3. No on field leadership

4. No balance

It is obviously far too early to conclude much after 4 games but already major progress is being made on all four areas (and more). There is an on field clarity and hunger and it helps when you have smart and aligned Coach and Director of Football . As with many ‘business’ organisational clarity is key. Players look like they know what they are tasked with individually and collectively, they look like they are enjoying matches and there is a real sense of real hard work and togetherness. Marco Silva will we think bring a key ingredient that many top flight coaches still incredulously lack – the ability to coach and improve players. The parallel with Pochettino springs to mind – a real man manager , clear style, belief in players but a very demanding task master. The skill of developing players would seem a bare minimum but Mourinho has rarely done so at United And is partly why he finds himself where he is.

Evertonians are desperate for success. Immediate is understandable given a 23 year wait but the identity being built will take time and we’re sure we will see plenty of games that will challenge the nature of progress. Silva’s team have taken the odd spanking. With Silva and Brands working together though , It has to positive with

Brave attacking and progressive football throughout each team

Considered moves in the transfer market to balance the team (e.g. Richarlison, Digne, Zouma)

Hard arsed approach to those players that do not buy in

Coaching and development of players and leaders

Opportunity for young players

Realistically, it will be very hard to crack the Top 6 this year but expect to enjoy, occasionally be thrilled , see progress on and off the field. The clouds are lifting, the dross of last season gone and the blue shoots of recovery coming through.

Now it’s up to supporters to show support and patience.

Onward Evertonians